Little Acts of Local Kindness

We can all help in lots of ways that are way beyond giving lots of money.

Not that there's anything wrong with money. But nonprofits need other stuff too. They need effort, expertise, and awareness (that's what they would have bought with the money anyway). That’s why we're revolutionizing the relationship between people and the local organizations they can help by encouraging nonprofits to ask for all the things they really need, and inspiring people to act in any way they can. If you want to share a few bucks, great. But you can also dedicate some Instagram content. Or you can share your woodworking skills, or that table they need. We believe that everything you do has value. We’re Bubuti. And we’re here to help better.

To share a little bit of money with your organization to fund the things they need.

To share your time, expertise or stuff (that would otherwise cost money), with your organization.

To share your invaluable voice and raise awareness for your organization's mission by creating content on Instagram and sharing it socially.

Random Acts of Kindness